Summer Hill

I’m the tenth generation from the Blue Ridge Mountains and life was not always easy.
And to understand my passion to write, you need to know my history.

Love My Passion
Love My Passion is a different romance than the traditional. “She meets the man and falls in love.”
Shelia took a chance and changed herself for one man, but it failed. Learning it takes two to have a relationship and not like her past fiancee, Andrew, the demanding do it my way bank president.
She changes back to who she is and she adventures out from her accountant job with the opportunity to pursue a career in her passion: oil painting.
She leaves the hustle and bustle of Atlanta. She drives to the southern parts of Georgia to a small town called Insight and locates her new workplace: Southwest Plantation.
She is not looking for a relationship. She uses her new freedom to explore her creativity as well as her sexual appetite. She begins a relationship with a neighbor, Cannon.
Cannon an FBI undercover sharpshooter for the president. His undercover: wild, sexy, camouflage farmer. She knows he is not for her, however, he helps her learn more about herself and himself through their passions as their romance intensifies.
Does she want this wild, sexy Cannon that has an undercover life? What will she choose? Will it be too late?
Cannon departs to a dangers assignment, and the assignment went wrong.

Love My Passion is filled with adventures, heartwarming, disagreements, fears, laughter, tears, compassion, desire and sexual activity to the truth to finding one’s self for the right relationship.

Available at Smashwords $2.99

Mist of Passion
Life’s events want always come with choices. Jenny has dedicated herself to keep the family home and lighthouse. She dealt with the death of her mother at fourteen. She gained strength to move forward to have a failed relationship that shamed her. She promised herself to never enter into a relationship with a younger or older man or any man until Michael Scott becomes her next event.

Michael Scott a true Coast Guard, but he has a secret. “His off duty life-style.” He took on a mission and lost a little girl’s mother in a hurricane. His shame and sorrow changed his lifestyle. His new assignment takes him to Port Destiny between the shorelines of Savannah Georgia and South Caroline. He is to update a lighthouse in accordance to the rules and regulations or shut it down. He hopes this time away from storms will give him time to forgive himself. He wants a new life, and family, but at his age that’s a dream until Jenny becomes his next mission.

Jenny is attracted to Michael, but tension builds. He’s demanding sergeant ways and intelligent words just overwhelmed her. She puts up her guards for he is an older man.

Micheal likes Jenny’s opinions, but she is hardheaded with a heart to love, but too young. Together they repair the lighthouse. And Micheal is all business until she finds him nude, tanning in her lounge-chair.

Jenny holds onto his girlfriends engagement ring for him as a storm moves in. Michael takes on a new mission to rescue a boy in a violent ocean storm, but. the mission is aborted and Michael is lift behind

Did Jenny have time to tell Michael she loves him? Is Michael dead?  Does he return, and who receives the engagement ring? What was Michael’s off duty life-style? Did he tell Jenny?

So who with embrace in the “Mist of Passion?”

Heartwarming, tears and laughter and secrets as desire blooms and a second chance of love. Contemporary, adult romance to true love.

Available on: Smashwords, Barnes & Noble. $2.99

Passion Never Ends
Off the coast of Georgia is Sea Island of Ardor. A legacy island of passion, and Patsy never questioned that legacy until her husband died two years ago. And she wanted that passion back. She knew the chances to find passion again was not for her until Kevin Quest arrived on the island.

Kevin is an undercover policeman with secrets of his own as he takes on a part-time job that sent him right to Patsy. He finds the island to be a place to settle down and he has found the right girl, Patsy. He is in love, but secrets need to be told.

Patsy backs away from Kevin for she feels something is not truthful with Kevin Quest. And he is always enticing her for sex. She dares not tell him, he is gorgeous and she likes his enticing. She puts her emotions behind her for a late-night on the beach with Kevin. She is in love, but secrets need to be told for Patsy has her own.

Patsy observes Kevin’s nude body in the shower. She is shocked by his tattoos, and who is he? She slowly leaves to find a letter of love. Does she return to the shower? What is Kevin’s and Pasty’s secrets?

“Will he or she, have their desires filled or will they part?”

Heartwarming, tears and laughter and secrets as desire blooms and a second chance of love. Contemporary, adult romance to true love.

Available on : Smashwords, Barnes & Noble. $2.99.

Her Games
Priscilla’s men enjoy her games with a shot of whiskey, handcuffed, blindfolded and teased with a whip, and spanked to control the orgasm.

Priscilla’s secret, erotic, sex adventures becomes her games.

Priscilla 24, recognized for her dull, shy personality in her hometown of secrets. Her life is based around the church, but she hides naughty magazines in the bell-tower. She enjoys the articles and pictures before she feels the hard, thick rope to ring the bell. She’s not like the ladies in the church, and she knows how they enjoy the right answers to their desires with the older Pastor.

Priscilla wants adventures and excitement to please her sexual desires to control the orgasm. She seeks out desirable men and their desires. She becomes their dream girl. She wants to find the perfect husband that will please her needs and want a family with her.

She becomes Betty Rider, and she is a Cowgirl from Texas. She ties Cowboy Bill’s hands with leather straps and whips him. Together they enjoy a ride on a mechanical bull as she controls his orgasm.

She hires sexy Bobby as her driver and bodyguard with knowing he has secrets too. He teaches her rules of the games that she plays as he wires her for safety. A new sexy Pastor, Jonathan, and he asked her to donate more of her time. However, her time takes her to the internet to order exciting sex toys for her man.

She becomes Kathleen Hidden, and she is a Southern lady from Georgia. She sees the sexy Pastor right before her adventure. She knows, she’s not a bad girl for she is a girl with special needs, and a gift is given.

Kathleen lays nude on a canvas as Luke the artist paints her nude body with his soft brush and his tongue. Her ankles and one wrist tied as he explores and enjoys her controls of his orgasm.

She provides a church fundraiser. The ladies of the church enjoy the whiskey and riding a bull float with a rubber dildo to hold onto. Now, secrets become truth. A need to teach them how to take control of their men, or enjoy themselves with adventures.

She becomes Janet Dickson an ornithologist from Canada. She handcuffs, blindfolds and spanks Forest Ranger Jack. He enjoys the games with her as she receives multiple orgasms “first” in the sex swing.

She failed to find the right man, although, she enjoys the role playing. And the excitement of the tease, denial and the game to hold the orgasms or the game is over.

She enjoys her new lifestyle, so perhaps she doesn’t want a family life. She controls her secret adventures and her man’s orgasm.

She orders fifty, pink, rabbit vibrators to stimulate her upcoming fundraiser. She enjoys a glass of champagne as her new adventure begins.

“Will her next adventure be more exciting for her new man? Will he be able to handle her new games?”

Available at Smashwords $2.99


Priscilla’s adventures move on with new games as her empire is coming together with owning the town and a thoroughbred horse ranch to hide the incoming donations from the Ladies of Love.

The town’s population grows with her new recruits as donations are given for a new church. Pastor Jonathan shows an interest in a romance with her, however, he knows the truth about the shy, hometown girl with a voice that touches his heart.

Priscilla’s bodyguard, Bobby checks out her new adventure in California but forgets to check out the medical history of her new man. She gets herself into a situation with the waves of her new man’s surf to be large and he is a man with games.

Priscilla knows Bobby keeps his identity well hidden. She likes his tough outgoing ways as Bobby shows interest in his own games.

Her next adventure takes her to Montana. She takes a course in skydiving, but the instructor is into a new way to enjoy sex. His games are wild and high as she sees his toys and the dangers.

A shot of whiskey and the games are on until she is asked to step away from her game to play their games.




Passion goes wrong is a two-part psychological, mystery and suspense thriller fiction

Three sisters, Maggie, Iris and the youngest of the three is Sissy. Each one is psychologically damaged by their family history of murdering cheating men. The two oldest sisters return back to the old home place after receiving a desperate letter from Sissy.

Now each personality lights up the story as truth is told. The two older sisters thought Sissy would stay out of the family history, but. They return home to help Sissy to conceal her passion of the moment, murder.

However, Detective Dalton comes into the picture to investigate the family history files of missing men. He has questions about the death of Maggie’s husbands and why does Iris hide behind her liquor bottle? He knows something is wrong and he hopes to prevent the next crime, but first. He needs to find the towns handyman, Billy Ray that was sleeping over at the old home place.



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